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2017-2018 SBDMC Members

Kinnear, Bryony - Facilitator

Santangelo, Nichole - Secretary

Ayala, Juan - Sergeant at Arms

Baxter, Lindsey

Borah, Jessica

Bushey-Anello, Sheryl

Duncan, Beth

Fukuda, Lisa

Haus, Peggy

Jewett, Mary

King, Caylin

Maniago, Bianca

Mayoral, Marisol

Paradee, Aariel

Phillips, Melanie

Pochodowicz, Tracy

Ramirez, Rebecca

Rust, Linda

Strickland, Morgan

Summerson, Claudia

Ward, Jessica

Woodward, Theresa


Site Based Decision Making Committee

SBDMC Agenda for 4/11/18

SBDMC Agenda



April 11, 2018

Library 3:30 - 4:30pm




Last Meeting's Minutes

SBDMC Meetings - 5/16

1. Review, Approve, and Add the SBDMC Bylaws to the Ranch



2. Testing Procedures and Student Support


3. Master Schedule (Electives)


4. Check in with Sub-Committees: ELA (Linda), 8th PL (Sheryl), Events (Theresa), PBI (Melanie), Calendar (Juan)

SBDMC Minutes for 3/21/18



SBDMC Meetings - 3/21, 4/11, 5/16


Last Meeting's Minutes

Call to order at 3:30


Motion to approve minutes. All approve.

Motion to approve agenda. All Approve.

1. Create a “Revision of the Mission & Vision” Process for Whole Staff Inclusion

  • Starting over because mission and values are different than before?

  • Team leads created through a whole day PD

  • Current mission statement “CREATE”

    • Through collaboration, students and teachers create a positive educational climate using technology that builds relationships and values: equity, innovation, and preparing students for the 21st Century.

  • Current Goal: The goal of our faculty and staff at Rancho Minerva is to provide you with an excellent educational program in a safe and enjoyable environment. Your challenge is to become actively involved in the academic and extra-curricular programs offered at Rancho Minerva. A positive attitude and good effort will allow you to enjoy your middle school experience. Working together with your friends, parents and teachers, you can help make Rancho Minerva a truly great place to learn. To begin the year well, please read your Student Handbook carefully with your parent/guardian.

  • Staff participation/feedback

    • Everyone has buy in

    • Needs to reflect our true mission

    • Brief

    • Way to build culture

  • Revise not start over

  • Building community or Restorative practices

Motion- Present the information in 2 minutes at the next staff meeting (April) and submit an interest form to form the sub committee to create/revise

All Approve.

2. Decide on a Sub-Committee Leader for Event Credits

  • Talent show not on event credits for this year.

  • Theresa Head for event credit sub committee

    • Tracy in committee

  • Dates need to be submitted by September 30th

  • Put out to ASB, Band, Art (Vista Art Festival and STEAM Night)

  • Monitoring

    • Contract Language

    • Treated as professionals

    • When someone cannot attend, sub is requested or people trade places

  • Teachers select at the beginning of the year

  • Set dates for traditional events

  • Calendar meeting for everyone in June

    • Juan to set up

3. Create a Sub-Committee to develop a PBIS (positive behavior intervention system) for RMMS

  • PBIS and Discipline similar

  • Committee to meet Monday’s

  • Sets up clear expectations and rules

  • Minor and major offenses

    • Specific

  • Come up with a matrix

    • Clear expectations and consequences

    • Concise language accessible to students

    • Specific

  • Minor incident report

    • Form for documentation

Motion to make a Positive behavior committee

16 approve

1 abstain

  • Melanie to head committee

4. Create a Discipline Sub-Committee

  • Ed code 48900 explosion/suspendable offense

    • 48900k-1 habitual offenses

  • Staff be on the same page for discipline

  • System in place for consistency

    • Same consequences

  • Place for “time-out”

    • Not negative

    • More of a place to decompress and get it together

5. Check in with Sub-Committees


Members Present

Queue for Speaking

Bryony Kinnear- Chairperson


Juan Ayala- Sergeant at Arms

Nichole Santangelo- Secretary

Lindsey Baxter

Jessica Borah


Sheryl Bushey-Anello


Beth Duncan


Lisa Fukuda

Peggy Haus

Mary Jewett


Caylin King

Aariel Paradee

Melanie Phillips

Tracy Pochodowicz

Bianca Maniago

Marisol Mayoral

Rebecca Ramirez

Linda Rust


Morgan Strickland

Claudia Summerson

Jessica Ward

Theresa Woodward



Motion to adjourn 4:32

SBDMC meetings for the remaining dates for this year:

- 3/21 

- 4/11 

- 5/16

SBDMC Agendas and Minutes

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